Large Size Herb Grinder


Unlike other grinders that are made of cheap material that breaks easily and after a while the chambers become hard to open and get stuck, Our 2.5" grinder is a well built grinder crafted from heavy duty aluminum alloy. The high quality material makes the chambers open smoothly and easily, the teeth will always stay sharp and it will be easy to clean. What it means for you is that this grinder will last you for many many years in great condition ! This is why our Grinder is #1 choice for you




Our Paper wraps are made using natural flax plant fibers. It is a classic and even-burning paper designed to enhance your experience. This premium rolling paper provides strength, fineness and a slow burn.


Each rolling paper has a medium king size that is perfect for your everyday rolls. They are flexible and easy to roll so you don’t have to waste any product in the process


These classic Premium gorillarollingstars king size papers have a special thin glue line to provide a perfect seal for every roll. The natural gum Arabic is durable, but completely non-toxic. It will not interfere with the flavor of your smoke.


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Nam tempus turpis at metus Enjoy your handmade roll even more with our premium 110mm GORILLA ROLLING STARS rolling papers! Perfect for making regular rolls or those raw cones rolled by hand. These Premium GORILLA ROLLING STARS king sized rolling papers are thin and durable so you can enjoy a slow burn and unique experience.


We've made a few improvements that make our grinder even better than it was before! Our new removable mesh screen is deeper and fits perfectly into the bottom piece. It was specifically designed to hold more ground material and be more stable. This will allow you to grind more herb at once and prevent you from spilling it while opening the top part.


Enjoy your handmade roll even more with our premium 110mm gorillarollingstars rolling papers! Perfect for making regular rolls or those raw cones rolled by hand. These Premium gorillarollingstars king sized rolling papers are thin and durable so you can enjoy a slow burn and unique experience.


Our large grinder kit is made from one piece of max strength aircraft grade aluminium. It is all one piece, you'll find it won't fall apart and will be indestructible! Our collection chamber is uniquely very deep and our pollen chamber screws in so nothing spills out!
  • Diameter
  • 50 MM / 2.0 Inches
  • Height
  • 42 MM / 1.65 Inches
  • Net Weight
  • 99 g
  • Teeth
  • Sharp Diamond Teeth
  • Pattern
  • gorilla rolling stars
  • Magnetite
  • Powerful Neodymium Magnets
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Best sound ever...

John Doe

When I was a young man, breaking up herb with your fingers was just how it was done. Sometimes the more particular among us would use scissors. In hindsight, the results were imperfect but we simply didn't know any better. I didn't notice just when it was that grinders came into common use. Suddenly, they were everywhere. Yet, I resisted. The "old ways" were good enough for me. Then I got curious. Now I've seen the light. Formerly lumpy and uneven, herb is now fluffy and consistent. Particularly with this grinder. This grinder. It's beautifully made with fine fit and finish. The magnetic cap is a clever, elegant touch. It's substantial but not heavy. At this modest price, I feel it is a bargain. I expect that you will too.drostique...

So awesome

Anne Le

Never used a grinder before so after 50 years, I decided to try one of the "new-fangled" toys on the market. Very quick shipping. Watched a few videos and did a little reading about the grinder so when I got it, I was ready to try it. SUPER simple to use, all product ground consistently and it actually was fluffy which I had doubted from the description. I have nothing to compare this to, but I cannot imagine getting anything any easier to use, sturdily built, and with a lifetime warranty on the market for any amount. Meet all my expectations and then some. I highly recommend this product, and it is made in the great USA!

Best sound ever...

John Doe

I ordered these because I wanted to learn to roll better, and they were extremely cheap compared to tobacco leaves. I started with no skill, and by the time I burned through one pack I was rolling perfectly almost every time. Once you get the hang of rolling them tight they will burn very slow. Just be cautious when pulling on the paper when its wet, it will tear very easily when wet.

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